How to collab with Influencers?

First, you will of course have to register and log in. Then, “Post a Task” for influencers by adding a “Posting.”

What is a Posting?

Posting is a task that you will create for influencers, photographers, HMUAs, designers, creative agencies, and other users. It is where you start a connection with them.

How to Add/Create a Posting

Make sure to log in/register first before proceeding with the process. Also, make sure that you are subscribed to our monthly Affiliate Plan to access all available features unlimitedly!

So, here’s how it goes…

In the main menu, select Postings. You will be prompted to the Postings table and click the +Add button.

To successfully create or add a posting, do the following:

Fill in all required fields. Subsequently, the administrator will either approve or reject your posting. The needed details are as follows:

  • Task: In this data field, you will indicate the brief detail of the task that the influencers/users will accomplish.
  • Name: Name of the product or service/s to promote
  • Description: Indicate here more detailed points about the task and the product details. 
  • Link: Copy and paste the link of your product link or affiliate link, or application link that the influencers/users will promote on Facebook, TikTok, or IG. This data field is where the engagement/number of clicks will be counted.
  • Category: Select the category to which the product belongs.
  • User Types: Select which user type you will collab with. Multiple users can be selected, and aside from influencers, we have photographers, HMUAs, designers, and creative agencies (more to come).
  • Tags: Label/s used to engage more with the influencers/users.
  • Sites: Select the social media platform you want the influencers to post their created tasks. It can be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. You can select multiple social media platforms for each posting.
  • Task Duration: Number of days the task needs to be completed.
  • Engagements: The total number of clicks needed to reach in order for the influencers to receive the allotted offer amount.
  • Offer Amount: Incentive amount that the influencer/users will receive as they accomplish their task and reach the indicated engagement. There will be 25% deduction in each offer for the transaction fees and community funds.
  • Bonus Amount: It may be optional, but this will push more influencers to work extra on the given task. You can give them bonuses when they reach more engagement than indicated.
  • Number of Engagements to Earn Bonus: To be able to give bonuses to users/influencers, you can put the number of required additional engagements before they receive each extra incentive.
  • Minimum followers: This field is optional. You can require an influencer or any other user who wants to apply to your posting with a specified minimum number of followers.
  • Maximum followers: This field is optional. You can require an influencer or any other user who wants to apply to your posting with a specified minimum number of followers.
  • Upload Images: You can opt to upload images correlated with the task.

After providing the details, click Save.

The admin will assess if the posting will be approved or rejected before it can be available for the influencers to view and engage with your task.