Find where the user’s eyes are looking & stay looking, and WIN!

Well, you as a user of social media websites and apps where are your focus at?

Yes, correct in the center where things are fun, interesting, and according to what you have been following. Even so, If you probably saw an Ad in front you just scroll away most of the time, and you only stop if the Ad is relevant to you. Sometimes you look at the side “Sponsored” section too.

But most of the time and yes admit it, you only look where you want to look and stay.

I think you know what we mean already, and how come, whatever that influencer is doing or showing on the photo or video, we can’t stop looking at it and we even watch the video up to the end, to know what happened or even we know the what the heck the outcome is. These influencers have their ways to keep us watching them (most of us – 90% of users).

Imagine – your product or services being used and promoted by these influencers.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your product and service viral! Sign up now!

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